Single-Player and Multi-player Modes of Pixel Gun 3D

A game that people never get tired of is that of playing gun fights. However over the years, there are a range of games that have come into play and among the ones that stand out, Pixel Gun 3D is the one that has gained popularity over the years. The game continues to deliver good game graphics and playing strategy that makes this a big seller.

Pixel Gun 3D

There are a number of games out there that have been inspired by the Minecraft and the Pixel Gun 3D is one of the best alternatives to the Minecraft designed so far. It brings both massive multiplayer and survival shooting experience to the player through iPhone and iPad. There are two modes in which the game can be played. Both modes of playing include the simple routine of shooting, reloading and jumping. Moreover, both the modes of playing includes the same graphics and artwork that can be expected from the Minecraft game. However, the similarities between Pixel Gun 3D and Minecraft ends here.

Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer mode is the most important and entertaining part of Pixel Guns Pixel 3D and also makes it quite popular on the App Store. In the multiplayer mode you will find that it is perfect for first person shooting to give you the ultimate shooting scenario with players running and constant shooting from the enemies. You will also be able to view many user-created contents during the gameplay along with a range of weapons that you can use during the game. The only drawback is that moving will be a hard in the big screen of iPad.

Survival Mode


Though survival mode is not as good as multiplayer mode, it still has its share of spiders, ghouls, zombies and other creatures. There is an introductory level in the Pixel Fun 3D, but every time a player plays the survival mode he will have to replay the level again. With limited ammo you will have to get your share of the enemies and shoot them out. This is why the Multiplayer playing more is fun to play than the survival mode of playing.

Playing the Game

The player can control their movements on the screen with the help of virtual thumb stick. The game consists of shooting skeletons and zombies for most part of it when playing in the single player mode, whereas, in the multi player mode you can battle against live opponents.

Another major plus of this game is the Skins Maker that gives you a range of Skins to explore. Moreover the game has a robust multiplayer community and is a good diversion with moderate range of weapons and small maps that you will enjoy playing. This game is not suitable for kids and is mainly focused on killing the opponent. If you wish to steer far into the game, you can use pixel gun 3d hack apk. When it comes to shooting, this game has it all for the players to enjoy to their heart’s content.

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